Saturday 18 February 2017

Was going to have pizza for me lunch today, but...

I ordered 2 pizza's with last week's shopping.

We were going to have them for our lunch today.

Steve cooked them but mine was burnt to a crisp and almost totally black.

I'm a fussy little bitch and didn't want to eat something so burnt, so Steve's having 2 pizza's for his lunch and I'm having fruit and chocolate!  lol  👎

I've also just had BC on the phone about the letter they sent me that was delivered on Monday.  The first person I spoke to asked if I could still afford the payments, I said I could, she transferred me to someone else and the line went dead!  I'm waiting and hoping that they will call back soon, 'cos if I call them, I'll be waiting for another 5 days for them to call me back like they were supposed to do yesterday but didn't actually do it until lunchtime today!  👌

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