Tuesday 21 February 2017

Just had my mobile phone company on the phone

Just had a phone call from O2 and the man I was speaking to saved me a fiver a month and gave me more of the things that I use and less of the things I don't use!

Just got to find a way to turn off my auto-top up now!

The postie is going to be busy tomorrow... I'm expecting a set of headphones from Amazon and the new SIM card tomorrow too... gonna have a read of the instructions that come with the SIM card before I put it in though, just to make sure if it's still PAYG or if the fiver saved puts me into a contract with them.  Either way is fine, I just want to be sure before I swap the cards is all 'cos the bloke I spoke to just repeated everything he'd said I'd be getting and didn't tell me if it was contract or PAYG is all!

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