Friday 10 February 2017

If he's got nothing better to do with his time...

The idiot at the end of the road has been at it again this morning.

This time he dipped a tampon in red paint and left it on our door step for Steve's carer to find this morning.  It wasn't there when I took the pup out so he put it there in the hour between us coming home and Steve's carer arriving.

TBH I feel sorry for him.

If he's got nothing better or more mature to do with his time than to make anonymous complaints about the pup to the RSPCA, the non-existant poo to the council and leaving tampons on our door step then I feel sorry for him and we'll just keep reporting it to the police each time.

We took an Amazon parcel in for number 3 yesterday, number 10 have known us the entire time we've lived here and the husband and wife next door to us say hello to us and the pup whenever we see each other!

We are aware of the lady on the other side of us and I've told me mum that the house is up for rent, we are aware of the people next door to number 10 and we say hello to each other if we spot each other, the same with everyone else in the street!  It's just the idiots at each end of the street that have a problem with us for some reason.

It really is just the idiot at the end of the street who has a problem with us and we would much prefer that he tells us what we are doing wrong so that we can change it... just like we did with the people at the end saying that Mitzi was upsetting their dog on her morning walks by barking at it.  We stopped going up there and haven't had any other issues with them since then.

Same with the lady next door, she said that the paint was peeling off her wall that is next to our bathroom.  I went to have a look and agreed to pay for it to be sorted, she then came back with a photo of our bathroom roof being damaged and we paid for that too.  It's just who we are!  If we are aware of the problem we can do something about it and we'd much rather do that and stay on the good side of everyone than have the idiot doing immature things like he has been doing!

The police have told us that we're not doing anything wrong and they've been to see the idiot which is when all the immature, anonymous stuff started happening!

If he wants to keep doing things like that then we'll keep reporting him to the police and they'll build up a case about all the things he's been doing ready for whatever the police say is the next step!

Doesn't bother us!


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