Saturday 11 February 2017

Apparently we had a visit from the police last night

I had a really early night last night, but when I came down this morning, Steve said we'd had a visit from the police last night at 8pm or 9pm.

Apparently they said that they could arrange more police coming round here on the beat and putting a CCTV camera up and go over and see the idiot again - things like that.

Steve said not to worry about it yet so the police said to keep reporting things as they happen so that they could build up a case against the idiot.

Basically the idiot is just making things worse for himself the more he does.  If he wants to keep doing things like that and not acting his age then that's fine by me!  I just want to know what we've done that was so wrong is all so that I can do something about it!

Tsk again!

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