Tuesday 28 February 2017

Just paid the Namehog stuff, so...

That's it done now until the end of April/beginning of May for Namehog stuff, so I can just put the money into B without worrying about it now.

Means that I can potentially spend £130 a week on groceries and put any that I don't spend, like this week, straight into B as soon as the shopping comes every week, which is, potentially, an extra £120 a month as well as the £40 which is £160 a month that I can keep saving up for things like the wheelchair insurance and SCBWI membership and stuff like that.

£160x10 is £1600 yeah.  Take off £600 for insurance and membership and expensive groceries and gifts and things like that, it's still a lotta money that I couldn't have even dreamed of saving a year ago.

I can so do this!!

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