Monday, 5 April 2021

Pretty good day so far today

The hayfever season officially started for me at 8pm 🕗 last night so my nose and eyes were streaming and I had no choice but to breathe through my mouth again.  I woke up gasping for air several times because I couldn't breathe and according to the FitBit app I was restless 20 times, but still somehow managed 9 hours and 11 minutes of sleep!

I had toast and a mug of PG Tips for breakfast, just after taking my morning pills and setting the virus scan going and while doing the news for each site (even though there was only news on my writing site in the end), then the groceries arrived, had lunch (5 doughnuts 🙄 🤣), took my Monday lunchtime pill, studied the first module of my next course and now I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon and evening writing another couple of chapters of my WIP.

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