Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Not as productive this morning, but...

...that's only because there wasn't any news to keep me busy.


I've had me breakfast (my daily two slices of toast), run my daily virus scan, taken my pills, had a mid-morning snack, paid two invoices, and caught up with my emails.  Time to do me exercises for the first time this week now, then it'll almost be lunchtime then one of the Freegle things is being picked up after lunch.

My hayfever is now in full flow, so that's it until about September, I'll get two weeks off then the cold season will start again 😞

Time to get on with my exercises for the first time this week, so that I don't forget again.  Wanna get on with my writing again this afternoon - I'm aiming to write at least two chapters a day... might sneak in a small amount of studying if there's time between finishing my exercises and having our lunch too.


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