Tuesday 25 April 2017

That's a bit good then!

Phoned the pharmacy to order my repeat prescriptions this morning.

I usually phone on a Monday and it's delivered on Friday, so, because it's Tuesday today I was thinking Saturday or Monday 'cos that's 5 days after today.


They said it'd be Friday as well!

Not only that, but the lady I spoke to just had my name and the first line of my address and she brought it up on the computer without going through all the security checks I usually go through like my date of birth and the name and address of my GP and stuff like that!  I didn't even have to ask for the prescriptions to be delivered and requesting the lower dose of the AP was no problem at all either!  👍

My GP and the pharmacy are next door to each other which is handy but I usually go through a list of security checks to get the repeats ordered so today was definitely a surprise that it was all there!


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