Monday 10 April 2017

After most of my bills come out on the 15th, I'll have...

£199 in my bank, this week's shopping and the tyre pump have already come out, so, in theory, I'll be able to move £90 over to B at the end of next week and still be able to afford £109 for next week's shopping, and my bills being paid that come out on the 15th.

I've also got Namehog stuff coming out so the £90 will cover that too, then that's it for a few months, but it's good to know that I still have £100 left over every month that I don't spend on domains, shopping or bills or whatever.

Means I can put £100 into B every month that I don't have Namehog stuff coming out as well as the tenner I move over every week.

Considering a few years back we were both really struggling with debts, it's a relief that I can do that!

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