Thursday 27 April 2017

Got my maths wrong this morning too! lol

My bills come to £330 a month, that includes the £10 a week going in to B so I'll have £70 available to spend, instead of £30.  I just hope that my maths is finally right.

Let's do a bit of detailed adding up and taking away shall we?

I've got £400 in my account right now.
I get £230 every 2 weeks and £307 every 4 weeks.
Direct debits are £330 on the 15th of every month (some come out at the end of the month too, but for easy calculations, let's say they all come out on the 15th  lol).
Groceries are about £100ish a week.

So, I'm thinking:

1st May - £100 for the groceries so £400-£100 is £300 yeah?
8th May - £230 for my first May pay day, so £300+£230 is £530
Take off the shopping - £530-£100 is £430
15th May - direct debits come out, so £430-£330 is £100
Take off the shopping leaves me with nothing... right so far?
22nd May - £230 for my second fortnightly pay day take off £100 for the shopping leaves me with £130 yeah?
23rd May - £307 for my 4 weekly pay day so £130+£307 is £437 yeah?

Etc etc... is that near enough right please?  I hated learning maths at school so I have no confidence in my maths as an adult lol

So where did I get the £70 spare from then?

I hate maths!  lol

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