Monday 24 April 2017

George family hair-cutting today

Me an' 'im were supposed to be getting our hair cut today.

We've both got sensitive bums today though and Steve's family are having their downstairs toilet re-plastered today so it's out of action.

If it had been available, we'd both have gone, but because it's out of action today and we've both got poorly bums we're leaving it for today.

Marie is having her hair cut this evening so she can't come over to help with putting the shopping away and I asked Steve to help me clear away the side by the bread machine last night so that I could put the ice cream machine there as the weather is getting warmer now... I'm thinking that I'll just put the chocolate soya milk and soya cream into it and see what happens 'cos we haven't got any other ice cream flavours in the house right now.

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