Wednesday 12 April 2017

Steve's about to pump up Patrick's tyres

I asked Steve about doing it.

He said he'd do it later.

I said OK and started to stand up.

Steve's just gone out to pump them up for me instead!


When he's done that, he's going to make us curry for lunch and I'll tidy up in the kitchen when I've eaten ready for putting the mixer or food processor or whatever up on the side ready for doing the vegan toad in the hole after the shopping has been and gone on Tuesday.

Can't wait!

Gotta get my blood taken too, just to make sure the high dose of Olanzapine hasn't hurt my liver or kidneys.  When the tyres have been pumped up, I'll make the appointment... just need to remember that the form is in my neck bag!

We're having Quorn chicken korma for lunch 

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