Monday 24 April 2017

The shopping has already been

Shopping was booked for delivery between 6pm and 7pm.

It came at 6.10pm.

The driver took not the boxes but the bags with the groceries in them into the kitchen, took the mini mountain of carriers off with him and we bought just enough fridge and freezer stuff to fit in without having to leave any of the doors open which was good, the fridge is well-stocked and I don't think there were any substitutes either!

Going to have me booby buns for tea then head to bed for an early night, leaving AVG running until I wake up in the morning and see how much of it is done and dusted.

Take the pup out for her walk, celebrate with the gorgeous coconut milk, caramel ice cream then Steve'll go and get his legs changed.

We did it all without M too... it's tough going, but we did it between us!

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