Friday 14 April 2017

69% already!

I set the virus scan going less than an hour ago and it's already done 69%!

It'll speed through up to 75% then stay there overnight and finish at about 3am ready for me to do the malware scan and back-up then that's it for another week!

It'll be interesting to see if it picks up the 2 viruses in quarantine or if it deleted both of them when it protected me!  I hope it's deleted them 'cos I haven't got a clue where the quarantine bit is or how to safely delete them from my laptop!

It's at 75% now, so it'll stay there until like half an hour before it finishes in the early hours.

Last week it stopped at just gone midnight, so I reckon it'll be about 2am this week 'cos there's more email and stuff to go through this week.  Gotta remember to go into my Amanda folder to back-up everything tomorrow instead of the Users folder so that it doesn't back up all the system files and stuff!  lol

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