Thursday 27 April 2017

My maths was wrong yesterday

I had £898 in my account.

Took off the £500 overdraft.

I thought that left £298 instead of £398.

Steve lent me £2 to make it up to £900.

Re-calculated the amount this morning and realised that £900-£500=£400 not £300.

That means that I can afford my bills as well as the shopping next week as long as we don't spend more than pennies over £100.  Just gotta not spend anything else until I'm paid again, then I can put £30 towards the rest of my bills for May then it'll be back to £100 a week for the groceries, £10 a week into B and £330 a month for my bills.

It'll be tough going and I won't be able to buy anything else 'cos I'll only have £37 a month left over, take off the £7 for the shopping that's over £100 a week leaves me with £30 a month that I can either put into B or keep aside for emergencies or something like that.

You and me head-on now, spending addiction!

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