Monday 3 April 2017

So unbelievably proud of myself this afternoon!

Not only did the eye test go well, but my prescription review went even better!

My GP checked my blood pressure and said it was well within the normal range, he's decreased my AP by 5mg and said that I will probably have a couple of dips in mood and increased anxiety but they will only be about day 5 and day 20ish as my body gets used to the reduced level.  I've got to keep my 15mg pills as back-up in case the down days and anxiety are too much to cope with or they last more than a couple of days but apparently the Olanzapine puts me at risk of probs with my liver and kidneys.

On the way back, the poor taxi drivers blood pressure went through the roof when I said I wanted to pay by card.  Just as his anxiety slowed down, my card was declined.

The colour of the poor drivers face drained, but Steve said that might happen so we just did the payment again and it went through the second time... the poor driver will be glad to get home when he finishes his shift today, bless him!

I've got to have a blood test at some point soon, just to check my liver and kidney function and to test my cholesterol and thyroid because I don't see him much any more... it's just been my annual MOT today is all!

Both the optician and GP gave me good news in that there's nothing urgent that needs to be sorted and I'm prolly not going to die or go blind any time soon, I've just got to keep an eye on my vision, avoid flashing lights and get my blood tested at some point soon.

This afternoon couldn't have gone better really!


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