Sunday 2 April 2017

Medical capsule taking question

I've never been able to take capsules.


Thing is though, my Olanzapine pills are a similar size and shape to capsules and I can take them without a problem 95% of the time because they are pills.

I had to take 30 days worth of Vitamin D soft capsules when I found out I had a deficiency in Folic Acid and vits D and B12.

I explained to my GP that I couldn't take capsules and he said to try and take them to see what happened for those 30 days.

It was a struggle to start with, but when I got used to it I just needed to say to myself that I could do it and convince myself to at least try taking them.

I managed those 30 days but never again.

Thing is though, should I try again?

I'm going in to town tomorrow for my sight test then I've got 3.5 hours to waste until my prescription review... so do I pop into Holland and Barratt or Boots or Superdrug to see if they do a really short course of vitamins in capsule form that I can try just for that month or whatever, just to see if I can do it or do I waste time going through all the little side streets and getting lost and stuff?

If I do go for it, I want to start soft and small to get my body used to something it hasn't had to cope with for a year or eighteen months, but do I risk doing it or not?

I'm getting nervous at just the thought!  lol

I'd love to be able to take capsules as easily as I take my AD and AP, but is it a psychological thing more than a physical thing though?

It would just open up so many doors for me to be able to take capsules!

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