Tuesday 4 April 2017

Blatent advertising by me

This post is just advertising for things I use that you can save money on or get cashback from.  If you don't want to be advertised to, that's totally OK, just skip this message and move on to a different one, I just want it all in one place so that you've got it all in one place and I don't keep pestering you with it is all.

OK, so first up is the only supplements place I go to now... Simply Supplements - scroll down to the "referred by a friend?" bit, bung in my name (Amanda George) and my email address (amanda.k.george@googlemail.com), have a look around the site, put in your order and we'll both get 20% off each.  Pretty much the only thing that they don't do is oral sprays that I go to Amazon for instead.

Next up are cashback sites - Quidco is my favourite, then Top Cashback, then Swagbucks.

Then there's survey sites - if you've got an opinion about something, that's all you need.  I suggest you set up a separate email address especially for surveys.  I would also suggest that you search online for survey opportunities in your country and only go for sites that offer you surveys that you don't spend anything to join... the whole point is that they pay you, not the other way around  😜

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