Saturday 24 December 2016

Just taken me supplements

Just taken the calcium, the iron and the multivitamin and I can already feel the multivitamin working its magic on me!

I take the calcium because I'm allergic to dairy so can't get it from food.

The iron is because I'm vegetarian so want to make sure that I'm getting enough into my body.

The multivitamin is an all rounder and it's that that I can feel working on me now.

Gonna get another B12 spray to keep in me bag ready for when I feel the need to top it up a bit.

It takes literally seconds for the multivitamin to work and I'm already more awake and motivated than I was before I took it!

It's totally up to you where you get them from, but I get all mine from Simply Supplements and can't recommend them highly enough!

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