Tuesday 20 December 2016

That was easier than I was expecting!

I hate using the phone at the best of times but I thought I should phone one of my credit cards as they haven't taken December's payment.

They had been taking it off my debit card instead of by direct debit.

I've now got it sorted and it's coming out by direct debit on the 15th of the month instead of my debit card on the 16th.

I also know how much I still owe them too, and it's less than I was thinking so I'm happy about that too.

On top of that, if I get into money trouble and I start to struggle to pay the monthly payment, I just need to call them again and we can work out a more manageable payment plan, or even have a total break from payments for a couple of months.

I want to try and avoid that if I can though... I'm saving up for paying off all 3 credit cards next year which will save me £150 a month that I can use to pay for more than just the shopping each month... I'll be able to pay the electric or VM stuff or whatever as well as the shopping which will free up a bit more money for Steve to use on whatever he wants instead of paying all the bills himself.  Neither of us are working now, so I want to contribute as much as I can now!

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