Wednesday 28 December 2016

Thank you Steve!

Two weeks ago I asked Steve to tie up and bin the bag in the kitchen bin because I'm not physically tall enough to do it myself.

He agreed that he would do it or I could ask Marie to do it the next week.

He didn't do it, so I asked Marie last week like he said I could.

"I'll do it next week if you stop nagging me" he says.

I've mentioned it once in the 7 days since last week.

He sighed heavily but actually did it this time, then made our lunch!

The actual bin in the kitchen (not the bag, the actual plastic bit of the bin that has the top on it) absolutely stinks so we'll have to find a way to wash it out soon, but I'm so proud of Steve for doing something that he promised to that I really can't do because I'm not tall enough!

Thank you Steve!  Love you!

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