Monday 26 December 2016

Rural bus routes/politicians promises

This is just me ranting about politics.

I'm not saying it to cause offense and I don't want any arguements and if you don't want to read it, that's totally OK, but...

Our previous Prime Minister who stepped down after the results of Brexit, promised not to cut any rural bus routes when he was elected.

That's exactly what he did to my mum's village!

There used to be one bus a day, each way, for 6 days a week into Oxford and 3 buses a week to and from Banbury but that was it.

My mum's village got together and arranged a community shuttle bus to the next village that then took the passengers into Banbury or Oxford.

If you missed the shuttle bus though, you were stranded.

My mum is in her early 70's now and can't drive so she's reliant on the shuttle bus to take her to the doctor or dentist or grocery shopping but the ex-PM doesn't seem to care about the promises he made when he was elected and turned them on their head as soon as he came into power!

Hopefully the current PM will enable my mum to get a regular bus route back to her village though - at least I hope she will!

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