Thursday 15 December 2016

Tea and coffee

Up until about 2 months ago, I'd avoided tea and coffee my whole life 'cos I just didn't like the taste.

I decided to try instant coffee a couple of months back... very weak and with lots of sweeteners in it.

It was as bad as I'd been dreading - far too strong with less than a teaspoonful of coffee in  it.

I tried it with 3 sugars in it and it was just about drinkable.

I bit the bullet and tried a coffee out of Steve's machine and that was better than the instant, but still needed a sweetener in it.

We went to get our hair cut at Steve's family about 2 weeks ago and I tried their instant coffee from Tesco... a lot less strong than the Sainsbury's instant coffee.

Steve introduced me to chocochino pods for his machine a week or 10 days ago and I loved it.

Up until then, I still hadn't touched tea.

Until just now.

It's not as strong as I was thinking, so I said to Steve to let it get a bit stronger next time... he couldn't believe his ears!

Not only was I drinking black coffee from a coffee machine but I'm drinking tea now too!  And asking for it to be stronger next time as well!

I still maintain that hot chocolate is my favourite hot drink, followed by chocochino, then black coffee with one sweetener then tea.

Less than 3 months ago, I was avoiding tea and coffee.

Now I'm drinking both tea and coffee black and strong!

Apparently I'm wanting to try my next mug of tea like Steve's Grandad had it - army strength and black with no sugar!  lol

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