Thursday 24 November 2016

12 pairs of socks and 10 knickers

Just had a bath and me lunch.

The question about how many pairs of knickers I've got came up.  Again.

I swear the washing machine eats my underwear because it now seems that I've got 2 knickers and 1 pair of socks now!

So, I've just ordered myself 12 pairs of socks and 10 knickers for just over £16 at Amazon.

I'm thinking they won't be good quality because of how cheap they are and the knickers are the next size down too but they will do until the New Year when I'll have £100 a month to myself and can get some better quality undies as well as saving up for Namehog stuff and gifts etc... just gotta make it until mid January then I'll make a conscious to save up that £100 every month and not spend it on things I don't need.

I've got over the worst of it now, just gotta be prepared for me mum's birthday and our anniversary in June, 2 birthday's in October and Yule in December.

Put the washing on and I can almost guarantee that I won't have both socks and my other knickers when the programme finishes!  lol

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