Friday 18 November 2016

Just checked me bank balance

Just checked me bank balance online and I've got £186 in there because my Audible monthly fee thing came out yesterday and I'm being paid again on Monday so the shopping for the next two weeks is sorted, so let's forget about the pay day and grocery shopping and just say that I've got £186 to play with between now and the middle of December.

£50 into my secondary account and £25 into each of my savings accounts means that I've got £86 left over to spend on Yule gifts.

We've already agreed that we'll pay for gifts for our own families and friends.  My brother hasn't got me a gift since I moved to Gloucester, so I'm only getting gifts for me mum, Steve, C,H, D, and K this year.

Steve's almost sorted, just going to get him a little something extra that he doesn't know about.

C, H and K will be something from their Amazon wishlists so that just leaves me with D.  She's trying out SCBWI right now, so if she decides that she wants to become a full member, that's what I'll get for her but I'll find out about that in the next few weeks.

So, if my calculations are right, I'll have £186 to play with every month after the groceries and bills have all been paid.

Put the £100 into my other accounts and I'm still left with £86 to play with every month.  There are two months left until Yule, so 2X£86=£172 which is more than enough for gifts for Steve, my mum, C,H,D and K... just gotta find those gifts now!  lol

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