Saturday 12 November 2016

Decided last night, to...

I decided last night to walk the pup up and down the street four times instead of our usual three.

Just about remembered this morning and while it's not a huge difference, it is the start of both of us losing even more weight.

The pup came in and is now on the arm of Steve's chair going "what the frig was that about??" bless her furry little paws.

I also worked out this morning that I'll have £50 to spare so I'm gonna put £30 into my secondary account and £10 in each of my savings accounts.

Then I'll use the money in my secondary account for Yule gifts for my mum, C and H 'cos I've already got Steve's gift.

Then, starting in the New Year, I'll put £100 a month into my secondary account that I'll use for Namehog stuff, gifts and clothes throughout the year and hopefully still be able to pay for the shopping every Monday too.

I hope I've come out the other side of my spending addiction now!  Yay!

Also, last night I took my pills at about 5.30pm and was awake by 6.30 this morning, and I've already written more this morning than I usually do until lunchtime, so it's not the blood sugar alone, my creativity comes from it being dark outside!

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