Wednesday 30 November 2016

Review of my lunch

Just finished eating the spaghetti and meat-less meatballs with a generous couple of sprinkle sessions with the new cheese sprinkler.

Me and the hubby agreed that we'll have to have it again!

The meat balls tasted of meat to start with then after a couple of chews the soya flavour started to come through.

I have to admit 2 things - first is that I was sceptical  about the size of the pot of parmesan cheese... surely it would need at least 2 of them to fill the sprinkler, wouldn't it?  Secondly it took until my second session with the sprinkler to work out that you need to move the lid of it backwards and forwards, using both hands instead of shaking it with one.

The amount of cheese in the pot was deceptively large... it looked like it would only just fill the bottom of the sprinkler, but when Steve put it in, it came about three quarters of the way up with just enough space left at the top to let the cheese sprinkler at the top to come out of the holes - perfect size!  If you look at the image on the Amazon site that I've linked to up at the top of this post, you'll be able to see how far 120g comes up to!

Definitely worth the money and the cheese will last a long time in the fridge, judging by how much cheese we eat each week!  lol

A wise couple of investments by me I reckon!

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