Thursday 17 November 2016

Think I've dropped another clothes size around my waist!

Steve put a white bag of rubbish in the hallway that I took out to the wheelie bin as soon as I saw it.

Thought nothing of it.

Until I went to open the front door.

My trousers started slipping down.

I reached up to open the door and take the rubbish out but my trousers started slipping down again.

I pulled them up and put the bag in the bin.

Had to pull my trousers up again when I closed the front door.

So, I reckon I've pretty much gone down to size 12 around my waist now!

If I have, I've only got one more clothes size to drop until I'm back to the right size for my height and it's all been done without a diet, just changing my portion sizes and a tiny bit of exercise every morning, when I've been walking the pup!

I came out of hospital in 2003 at size 28.  It's now almost 2017 and I'm less than half my size!  Yay!

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