Friday 21 October 2016

Are my dates right please?

Got ESA and DLA last week.  I get £306 DLA every 4 weeks on a Tuesday and £230 ESA every 2 weeks on a Monday.  My bills are £227 on the 15th of every month and shopping is about £100 a week.


Mon 24 Oct I get ESA and can pay for the shopping, my Namehog stuff and £25 back to Steve

I'll have literally pennies left over but that's as tight as things get until April 2017 so how about we just say that I'm starting from nothing from here?

Mon 7 Nov I get ESA and I pay Steve back the other £25 I owe him and the shopping again so I'll have just over £200 for the shopping for the next 2 weeks
Tues 8 Nov I get DLA - £300+£200 is £500
Tues 15 Nov - my direct debits come out so £500-£227 is £273 for the next 2 weeks shopping yeah?
Mon 21 Nov I get ESA and pay for the shopping, so let's say I've got £50 left over after the shopping

Mon 5 Dec I get ESA so £230+£50 is £280 yeah?  Pay for the shopping so it's £280-£200 is £80.  Start getting Yule gifts leaves me with £30 yeah?
Tues 6 Dec I get DLA £300+£30=£330
Thurs 15 Dec my direct debits come out £330-£227=£103
Mon 19 Dec I get ESA £103+£230=£333 and pay for the shopping £333-£200=£133.  Finish getting and wrapping Yule gifts. - £133-£100=£33 yeah?

Is that right so far?  It means I'll have about £30 left over until the New Year but I'm just concentrating on the rest of 2016 right now  lol

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