Thursday 20 October 2016

Just had one of my credit cards on the phone

Went through a review of my spending and apparently I've got £212 free a month.

I'm currently paying them £50 a month and I've got about £1,750 left to pay off.

One of my other credit cards gets paid £75 a month and I've got about £4,000 left to pay off on that one.

"Can you increase your payment to £100 a month?" she asks.

Erm, no.  If I did that I'd be paying £25 a month more on a card that has a balance of less than half of it!  It would also only leave me £100 a month for charity donations and Namehog stuff as well as things like gifts and cards and you know, stuff I want to get myself for things like clothes and shoes and stuff.

They should be grateful that I'm even paying them £50!


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