Tuesday 11 October 2016

That was easier than I was expecting!

Just phoned the pharmacy to order my repeat prescription.

Usuallly I get all tongue tied and never know what to say and stuff, even if I've rehearsed it before calling them.

This time I just said "hi, I'm Amanda George.  Could I order a repeat prescription for delivery please?"

The lady I spoke to said "Just the two items?"

I said "yes please"

She said "OK, we can get that delivered on Friday... is that OK?"

"That's brilliant!" I said.

"OK, thank you, bye!" she said.

"Bye" I said and hung up.

It took less than a minute and I didn't get flustered compared to the usual 5 minutes of talking nervously and still not being sure I've got everything ordered.

Roll on next time!  Now that I've done it once and I've got the script I'll be able to practise again in 4 weeks time!

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