Tuesday 25 October 2016

Last bit of maths for now

I get £766 a month
My bills are £236 a month
That leaves me with £530 a month so far, yeah?
Shopping is, for easy calculations, £430.
That leaves me with £100 a month on average, yeah?

I owe Steve £50 for bailing me out last week when I was overdrawn and the shopping came to £61 this week, of which only £4.50 was my own stuff, so we've called it even steven's now.

So next week will be another small shop, Steve's going to transfer £25 over to me to help with next week's shopping and I've got a Namehog thing coming out for £137 so let's start afresh starting the week after.

Using the calculations up there ↑ (I hope that worked lol) every month and transfering the £100 out of my current account into my other accounts means that I'll have £200 by the end of this year and I can keep saving up every month to use for Namehog and insurance for my wheelchair and SCBWI membership and stuff that aren't monthly.

Just gotta hope that my spending addiction behaves itself now!

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