Friday 14 October 2016

Mitzi is being a right royal PITA today

Her tail is sticking up, so when she went to the back door I let her out.

She did absolutely nothing.

Just sniffed, so I called her in.

She ignored me and went over to the top corner.

I shouted at her.

She looked at me and sniffed under the table.

I called again.

She sniffed around by the drain.

I thought she was going to come in then but she turned around and went to the other corner.

I shouted.

She went over to the rose bush and sniffed.

I yelled at her.

She ignored me.

Steve came to the back door and yelled at her at the top of his voice.


She pottered in looking innocent.

Neither of her humans were happy with her.

We've both got sore throats now too.

Naughty little madam!

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