Wednesday 20 May 2015

Took 4 attempts today, but...

... we got there eventually!

Attempt 1 – half way up the street because Mitzi was having a loud conversation with her boyfriend

Attempt 2 – other half of the street until bloke at the end went to other end and opened gate, I didn’t want Mitzi to get into a fight so we came home.

Attempt 3 – Steve's carer arrived which made Mitzi excited so only managed twice up and down the road

Attempt 4 – finished off with the final 3 walks up and down the street

If I'd just carried on with the first attempt instead of worrying about the conversation waking people up at 9.30am then we could have been back before 10am and my legs would probably feel better too.

I'm just paranoid about the pup though!

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