Friday 8 May 2015


Mitzi's usual walk consists of walking up and down the street 4 times.

The pup refused to go any further after 3 walks up and down the street so we came home and she jumped up onto the back of the sofa and fell asleep.

An hour later, I took her on the second set of 3 which makes 6 times up and down the street, yeah?

That makes 150% of her usual walk, don't it?

She's fast asleep in her bed again now, bless her!

I might make it a regular thing to take her on 2 walks every morning, 3 times up and down each way... it'll help us both to loose weight and won't be so tiring to do every day in one go!  We just need to take things steadily until we're both used to it, then we'll increase it again!

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