Thursday 28 May 2015

Does anyone know where I can get...

I'm in the UK.

I need to get some temporary bright yellow (not blonde, yellow) hair dye as payment to Gaia for answering one of my bigger prayers a while ago.

I've never dyed my hair before so want it to be temporary in case I get an itchy or painful scalp or whatever, but I want to show my appreciation at the same time!

Gaia was very specific that it had to be a children's crayon yellow, not blonde, so I've been half-heartedly looking around for some but haven't found any yet.

Does it get found in a party/novelty type shop... should that be my next search trip?  In an ideal world, it'd be an online shop that delivers - I don't mind paying P&P or whatever!

Can anyone help me?  Please?

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