Tuesday 5 May 2015

I love Freegle!

I've just given 2 dog coats that were too small for Mitzi to a lady and her partner that had rescued their dog as well!  The coats fitted their dog perfectly so they got them for free and I didn't waste £25.

At some point today, someone is coming to pick up the stair gate too, for free and that's another £15 not gone to waste!

It saves us room in our ickle 'ouse, helps someone to get something for free and the money hasn't been wasted!

I've only ever given stuff on Freecycle and Freegle so have no experience of what happens when you receive something and I've never bought something with the intention of passing it on, just the things that were the wrong size or no longer needed or whatever, but giving things to others on Freegle means that it's not wasted money and it saves useful things ending up in the landfill too!  Total aceness all around!

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