Tuesday 19 May 2015

Not happy with Amazon!

My previous watch broke on Saturday morning... it was only a cheap one so was expecting it to happen sooner or later and it's cheaper to get a new watch than getting a new battery put in.

I put in an order for a new watch on Saturday afternoon and because it was on Prime I assumed it'd be here on Sunday.

It was dispatched on Saturday night (10.45pmish) and the Amazon site said that it's estimated date was the next day by Amazon Logistics.

While I was out with Chris and Hannah I was expecting it to be delivered while I was out and about

Not a problem so far.

While I was out and about, I got an email from Amazon to say it had been delayed and it'd be with me in "1 to 2 days".

Didn't arrive yesterday, on day one.  *sigh*  Maybe it would turn up on day two?  Today?

Waited in all day for it to arrive and haven't seen hide nor hare of it.

Steve ordered something on Prime yesterday afternoon.

It arrived before lunchtime today!

Not a happy bunny right now!

I'm going to give it until 6pm tomorrow then I'll contact Amazon to find out where it's gone and what's happening with it and consider going to Argos instead!

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