Thursday 21 May 2015

Just that one phone call is worth the monthly fee!

I've just signed up for a free trial of Equifax for 30 days and discovered that there's a default on one of my credit cards from 2010 when I was having all sorts of money issues.

I've just phoned the place from the report and the wonderful lady I spoke to reassured me that the default stays on my credit record for 6 years then it's taken off and updated so my credit score will look a lot healthier in a couple of months because I've been paying back regularly so that will replace the red square with a grey one which will improve my credit rating too!

It's £15 a month after the free trial and just that one phone call is worth the money and I'll be able to keep a check on it as my rating improves!

If you're in the UK and want to see what your credit rating thing is like, join Equifax and find out - just the free trial is worth it and will help to put your mind at rest or sort out any issues you find like I did!

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