Sunday 10 May 2015

Mitzi's walk this morning

Took Mitzi on her morning walk and did the 6 lengths again.

My legs are killing me and I'm so hot right now.

Steve's carer has just arrived, literally 2 minutes after we came home... just enough time for me to sit down and for Mitzi to have a little drink.  Thankfully Steve answered the door this time!

I think the 2 extra lengths are wearing the poor pup out 'cos she's flailed out right next to me now!  As the weather heats up I'll slowly increase it to 10 lengths but that's it then I reckon... 10 times a day will be enough for her little legs!  It'll be about 500 yards so that's enough for any pup - she's fast asleep on her side now, snoring her little head off like a good'un!

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