Thursday 21 May 2015

*sigh* knew it was too simple to be true :-(

I wish it had said on the driving license application form that I needed a photo... I could have got it done last week and sent off this week but nope, I need a photo and someone who knows me has to sign the back to show it's a true likeness which means it'll be at least 10 days before I can even fill in the form then I need to work out how to include the photo with the form and send my certificates as well.  I can almost guarantee I'll forget something which will mean it's a month before I even get a sniff of it coming through!


I know it's only a month and I've got no reason to want it sooner than that, I just want it in my hands so that I can use the driving license holder I've got and proof of age, name and address if I'm ever asked like I was in the bank a few weeks back!

Feel free to call me impatient!  lol

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