Wednesday 6 May 2015

*sigh* stupid publisher :-(

My publisher has just been on the phone and the bloke I spoke to was useless... I've easily spent thousands of pounds with them and the bloke pretty much called me a liar because the payments I was disputing didn't have the person's name on them so therefore I'm lying because "our employee's aren't able to take money using our system".

Newsflash AH!  They may not be able to using your system and it won't come out of my account and into yours, the person who fraudulently took my money didn't use your effing system!  I'm guessing he had a way to put the money straight into his account without even a hint that it was going through your effing system!

JE had obviously done it before and knew exactly what to say to reel me into his trust and I stupidly fell for it hook, line and sinker!

Would I recommend AH?  If you can afford to loose thousands of pounds then go for it, but if not, run away the speed of the wind in a hurricane and don't even think about it!  Yes, you'll get your book published, eventually, but that's it.  You'll be promised things that aren't recorded or even available and you'll loose your money then be told to contact your bank about the money you've lost because AH's system is totally secure!

If you want to get your book published then go for it, just don't pay for it!  Half decent publishers don't want money in advance, they publish your book without you paying a penny for it and they support you and answer your questions and offer reassurance for free!

I've learnt my lesson... don't pay to be published - it's not worth it.

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