Friday 15 May 2015

As well as my usual bills being paid, I've also paid extra for...

taxi (£18)
2 parcels of dog toys (£45)
PPC for another year (£104)
transfer and hosting of a domain (£55)
chair yoga stuff (£59)
replacement certificates (£50)

So I've spent well over £300 extra already in May so I've done really well to only be £50 overdrawn and it'll only be for 10 days so I'm extra specially proud of myself!  It'll also mean that I save myself £300 in June which will go into my other account ready for the extra £250 that's due to come out of my main account at the start of June for Steve's car.

Screw you spending addiction... I've pretty much beaten you into the ground now and you'll never win again.  Ever!

OK, so there will be times I go overdrawn but never as much as before, ever again.  It'll be the odd £50 but never more than £75.  Sod off spending addiction.  If I never see you again it'll be too soon.

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