Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Third day without news!

There isn't any news again today, so it'll just be selfish posts today, sorry about that.


I've taken my daily pills sorted, put in a prescription request, the virus scan was clear, did the teeny tiny amount of news on my writing site and just got my navigation site's news to do now, then I can check my emails and Facebook and stuff.  Gotta remember to do my exercises and have a shower at some point today too.  I've charged up my Fitbit and the fitness tracker on my wrist, so I'm good to go for a few days now.  Wanna try and study this afternoon too.


Not feeling too positive right now 'cos I tried to help someone with their NaNo novel and was shot down in flames so I won't be reading the NaNo forums any more, just using the dashboard each November.  I'm fed up of trying to help and support people only for them to have a go at me about things.

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