Tuesday 23 March 2021

Third day without news!

There isn't any news again today, so it'll just be selfish posts today, sorry about that.


I've taken my daily pills sorted, put in a prescription request, the virus scan was clear, did the teeny tiny amount of news on my writing site and just got my navigation site's news to do now, then I can check my emails and Facebook and stuff.  Gotta remember to do my exercises and have a shower at some point today too.  I've charged up my Fitbit and the fitness tracker on my wrist, so I'm good to go for a few days now.  Wanna try and study this afternoon too.


Not feeling too positive right now 'cos I tried to help someone with their NaNo novel and was shot down in flames so I won't be reading the NaNo forums any more, just using the dashboard each November.  I'm fed up of trying to help and support people only for them to have a go at me about things.

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