Thursday 18 March 2021

So far today, I've managed to...

...achieve a decent amount.


Had breakfast (as predicted, not porridge, but I had sultanas and an apple insted), gave two things to Freegle bods, did one set of news, took my day-time pills, potentially found a way to get rid of Steve's barely touched books, almost finished a second set of news, had lunch (spaghetti and meat-free meatballs), finished off the second and final sets of news, "studied" (it's in quotes 'cos all I did was keep pressing the 'next' button so that I could take the first assessment today), passed an assessment first time, with literally no knowledge of the course and now I'm gonna veg out and eat biscuits and surf the 'net and stuff for the rest of the day.

When the creative stuff goes tomorrow and the news has been sorted, I'll hopefully be able to spend the rest of the day properly studying at a different site 🤞

Steve had a telephone appointment with a doc this morning, who has sent him a link to an NHS talking therapy place to see if that helps him with his grief over Mitzi.  I will, of course, do my best to support him too, but having someone trained and who didn't know her so won't get upset too, will hopefully help him to cope with it a bit better.

I also got told that self-published authors (like me with my NaNo book) could submit to a SCBWI member exclusive (UV2020) which is awesome and gives me something to motivate myself to get one of my MS' knocked into the best shape it can be before then.

Overall, I've had a really good day today, which I'm sooo thankful for.

Time to do my daily exercises now and hope that it wipes me out so that I can have an early night tonight.

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