Friday 19 March 2021

News and two opinions for 19th March 2021

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19th March 2021

Big and little brothers celebrate a 50-year friendship
Tell us: have you forged unlikely friendships during the pandemic?
Letters to the Editor: 'Always room for more friendship'
When It Comes to Celebrity Friendships, Few Can Top Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato's
Unlikely friendship formed on Kamloops bus route a highlight of Transit Driver Appreciation Day - Amanda's comment: What a beautiful friendship and it obviously makes both of their days to see each other... the bus driver just taking those few extra seconds to greet the child each time obviously makes the child's day and the drivers friendship might even inspire the child to make driving buses his career as he grows up too and it hasn't cost either of them any money yet brightens their day!
A bookstore rooted in friendship
They Only Know The Old You And Other Signs Your Friendship Is Going Through The Motions
What's Your Drama: A Busy Body & Opposite Sex Friendships
Uncover the hidden secrets behind Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship
NHS and social care funding - Amanda's comment: For the first time during this pandemic, it sounds like the NHS is getting a big (£6.6 billion "This money is in addition to the £3 billion committed at the Spending Review last November to help the NHS meet the additional costs of COVID") boost to funding. I'm not holding my breath and I'll believe it when I see it, but if it turns out to be true then it's much-needed but could do with more than that after what they've been put through over the last 12 months!
£7 billion for NHS and social care for COVID-19 response and recovery
Joining my local footy club has made me confront my social anxiety
Social prescribing in England receives £2m transformation investment


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