Friday 19 March 2021

Another productive afternoon!

After I'd had me lunch, I heard about the books being suitable for the charity, so I withdrew each of the offers on Freegle and sorted out the rest of the books that were hanging around literally getting dusty, brought them all down (bagged up and Steve at the bottom of the stairs to take them off me).


I still felt like tidying up after that, so after a brief rest I sorted out the huge pile of clean clothes on top of the washer/drier, took a small bag of my clothes, a bag of towels and 2 bedsheets upstairs then took Steve's clothes back through to the kitchen, so they are totally his clothes up there now, so if he doesn't get them sorted then they will be binned, he will be left with what he's wearing and he won't be able to blame me for a change.

I reached my target of 2,500 steps by about 5.15pm and my body is now kinda going "don't do anything else or we'll fuck you up good and proper" so I'm listening to my body and only leaving the sofa to go for a wee, until bedtime now.  I'm thinking it'll be an early night, hopefully without too much restlessness so that my poor body can recover.

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