Saturday 13 March 2021

Compared to yesterday morning...

...I've had a pretty relaxed day.  I've taken my pills, had my breakfast (2 pears and a serving of sultanas), completed the virus scan, done the first set of news and I'm about to start on the next set of news, then I'll either study or write or both... not sure yet.


Steve's said he doesn't really feel up to cooking, so I'll be having a couple of peppers and half a block of cheese again.  He's got an Amazon delivery due today, but I can almost guarantee that I'll be going to the door when it arrives 'cos he's been awake for a grand total of about half an hour in the four hours that I've been down here.  


He's registered everywhere as my carer but I'm lucky to get 5 hours of care a week, which is usually the cooking lunch for both of us and I do everything else.  I make the hot drinks, answer the phone, take messages for him, answer the door, take the groceries into the kitchen and put them away, usually do the laundry as well as the rubbish and recycling going out on a Sunday and bringing the empty boxes and bags in on a Monday,  I remind him about things, pay for the gifts, groceries and electricity that he claims credit for, lend him thousands a year that I really can't afford that he doesn't pay back, yet whines about me borrowing literally £5 for 3 days. I had to fill in the census otherwise Steve would have forgotten and we would both have been fined £1,000 each for not doing it. I'm fed up of it but it has to be done by one of us otherwise it wouldn't get done, yet he gets credit for literally everything and I'm given credit for buggar all!


I've got three gifts in my basket for our eldest nephew's birthday in April, but I bet Steve'll get credit for those too... just like every year!

I decided at the end of last year that with the exception of our nephews I would only get gifts for those who got me gifts the previous year, so this year that's just my mum and Chris which is gonna save me hundreds, thankfully.

Gonna do my squats now, then make a start on the rest of the news.

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