Tuesday 9 March 2021

Live in the UK? Want free money?

Wanna start buying things online but you're wary of using your credit/debit card?  Got a smartphone?  Want up to £15.01 for free?  Then you need to use PayPal (PM me with your email address you're gonna use for your PayPal account) to get you started!

There's some kind of promotion on at PayPal atm that seems to be giving free money away and all we need to do to get £10 each is for me to send you 1p then you download the PayPal app onto your smartphone using a link that is on the PayPal site before 18th March and if you are in the first 154,000 people to do it, they give you another £5 for free.  That's £15.01 in your PayPal account for free and you haven't spent anything at all.

Can't really turn your nose up at free money, but the app needs to be installed and verified on your phone before 18th March or you'll be missing the fiver... the £10 for each of us lasts until December this year though.

I recommend adding your debit card to your account as your preferred method of payment so that you can keep better track of what you're spending instead of spending a fortune and PayPal asking you to repay it in a lump sum... I understand that you might be nervous of doing that though, if you've never bought anything online before.

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