Saturday 27 March 2021

I've decided to...

...start treating friends in the same way they've been treating me for far too long.  This morning I put my music on out loud before Steve had the opportunity to put his podcasts and You Tube video's and stuff on for the first time ever and it's not gonna change for the rest of the day 'cos I have to ask for permission to listen to something out loud usually.

I've called in very rare a favour from Steve, C and M/D and all three of them have agreed to do it, but only C has actually done it so far.

I'm also gonna treat them exactly how they've been treating me, so my supportive messages will only be very short (a couple of sentences, max) and last for a maximum of two before I turn it back to myself.  I'm gonna change the shopping to be mostly my stuff after next week (Steve's meat and spread and stuff just for him is currently over half of each shop and mine comes to less than a fiver each week).  I'm gonna take the grocery bags through to the kitchen then come back in here and relax so that Steve can put everything away for a change.  


I'm gonna promise to do things but delay them for weeks or assume that someone is gonna do what I demand then throw a hissy fit about it when they don't do it.  I'll borrow money off people then conveniently forget about it and deny that they've lent me anything at all, just like Steve and M/D have done too many times in the past.  I'm also gonna deny that they've asked me to do something and say that I did it before I actually did, even if they've got proof that I said I'd do it by a certain day or time or whatever.

I'm fed up of being taken for granted, so starting from Tuesday that's stopping and if they don't like how I'm treating them then they need to look at how they've been treating me.

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